Friday, April 20, 2012

Paper Lantern

Man have I been on a paper craft kick or what?!? This is a really easy project though!

Start with a paper lantern from the store, I'm sure you can get these from Walmart or Target, this one was given to me so not sure where to buy it.

The tissue paper if from Target. HUGE shout out to Target for having brown tissue paper!!! It took a stop to 3 different craft stores, a mad dash to the ladies room after TWO bubble teas and a cranky manager trying to hurry my impulse purchasing but I finally found it at Target. AND Target had a Starbucks which is where I got the tissue paper with the writing on it. Just buy a drink and be nice to the Barista and you can get some too ;)

Cut out circle from the tissue paper. I used a dixie cup as a template.

I used the rings made by the wire inside the lantern as a guide to just spiral your way around.  I made a 2/3 glue 1/3 water decoupage paste to glue them on. I think it got a little too clumpy at the bottom ( where you start - work your way up so the tissue paper layers easily ) So I would just start at the 2nd or third 'ring' if I made this again.

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