Thursday, April 19, 2012

Whimsical Flowers on Canvas

This is a really easy project that you could do in an afternoon - Great rainy day craft :)

This project is made with a rectangular canvas, scrap book paper, wooden stir sticks, hot glue and Elmers glue.

To make these flowers you will need eight circles of decorative paper, another circle or peice of scrap paper for the backing.

Fold the circle into quarters and then fold one edge over from line to line so it looks like this.

Repeat with adjacent side it should now look like this:

NOTE: I shaded in with pencil so you could see the different sides, when I actually made these I didn't draw the dotted line or anything on it i just eye-balled where it needed to fold.

Flip your circle over and fold so the flat edge (that you just made by folding the side) so it lines up with the center of the opposite side. When you do this with both of the quarter sides it should look like this:

This is one of the eight 'petals' for your flower, glue them onto a scrap paper to hold them all together.

The back will look like this. This is a sample one that i was practicing with - when you glue them make sure the petals line up more evenly than this one ;)

You  can also use a 3D sticker like this one...

The grass that you see is just scrapboo paper that I cut a strip about and inch and a half wide and freehanded some irregular cuts to make it look like grass. You could also do thinner slices so it looked like long narrow grass.

Hot glue the sticks and flowers. Mix 2/3 Glue and 1/3 water and decoupage the grass and leaves on.

NOTE: You can also take a piece of cardboard and paint it white if you don't want to buya canvas...

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